Streisand’s Diva demands


Barbra Streisand has reportedly shocked hotel staff in a top London hotel by issuing a long list of demands during her stay in the British capital. The diva is staying in a £6,000-a-night suite in the city’s Dorchester Hotel, and has reportedly issued employees with strict rules — including a demand not to look the singer in the eye. A source tells London’s Evening Standard, “We were given a list of requirements that had to be met. Her manager said she needed certain things to make her feel like she was at home.” She is using her own security team and will hardly set foot in the main areas of the hotel. It is easy to enter and exit the hotel from her suite without ever being seen.

A source from the Dorchester Hotel adds, “We are used to famous people here, but Miss Streisand is almost on a different level. Johnny Depp was here a few weeks ago, but was very low key. He just sat with friends in the bar. He was drinking a £600 bottle of wine, but he did not expect any special treatment. But we are expecting everything to be different for her.”