Sanjeev Satgainya


Is it time to start a career? Thinking of job-hopping? Perplexed about how to communicate with your boss about a salary hike? Planning to resign but confused about writing a good resignation letter?

These are confusions one has to face in career. How often have you wished you had someone to counsel you in these aspects? Or how often you have thought of something nice, may be a book, to guide you? The wait is over.

‘Reach For The Top’, a compilation of 15 career-based articles is published by The Himalayan Times. All the articles have appeared in The Himalayan Times in its previous issues in ‘Appointments grow with us’ (Wednesdays, page 8) and the articles are reprinted in a book format. The articles have been prepared in association with, India’s number one job site.

The articles vary from cover letter to resume, to tips on wearing corporate outfits to leading an organisation. One of the best aspects of the book is that the articles it contains not only explain the various fields but also have included samples. Most of the corporate aspects have been taken care of. Starting with covering letter, the articles are compiled accordingly as you keep feeling the need on different aspects. ‘How to format your resume’, ‘How to bid your company goodbye’ provide important information. Gulf countries in recent years have become lucrative destinations for job seekers. An article on this aspect covers a wide range detailing on the benefits and hurdles of pursuing a career in the Gulf.All articles are well-written and presented. But the real impact will be felt when it hits the market reaching a wider audience.