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Cranfield University’s competitive advantage is based upon three characteristics, their focus upon sectors, private, public and charitable and not traditional academic disciplines. So their staff are from a wide range of academic disciplines. Students are educated on both professional development and degree-awarding course; students can join to enhance an already chosen career, or to move to a new one.

Campuses The campuses under this university in Bedfordshire areCranfield

Here you will find the School of Engineering, Cranfield School of Management and the School of Applied Sciences, all offering entry at graduate level only.


A few miles further east is Silsoe, an idyllic setting for our postgraduate courses concerned with sustaining the earth’s precious resources and the health of nations.


The Defence College of Management and Technology (DCMT) integrates the resources of the MoD and Cranfield University to deliver a wide range of postgraduate courses in science, engineering and management related to the defence sector, most of which are open to military and non-military students alike.


When you go to Cranfield you enter a university with an international community and a truly global reputation. Their areas of expertise operate in hands-on relationship with industry. This can lead you to a life-changing decision that will affect your future career path. The programmes support you with excellent academic staff and state-of-the-art facilities.