Prescott College was established in 1965, by the Ford Foundation. They brought educators from around the United States and challenged them to create an ideal college for the future. Since its founding, more than 9,000 alumni have studied at Prescott College, leaving the College with a better understanding of the world and an appreciation of how to effect positive change.

Mission & Philosophy

Prescott College’s mission is to educate students from different age groups and backgrounds to understand, and blossom together, and enhance our world community and environment. Learning is taken as a continuous process and they strive to provide an education that will enable students to live productive lives balancing self-fulfillment and helping others as well. Students are encouraged to think critically and act ethically with sensitivity to both the human community and the biosphere.

Programs offered

Prescott College is an independent, liberal arts college offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as teacher certification. Students can live and study for an undergraduate degree in Prescott (Resident Degree Programme), complete their undergraduate degree through degree completion programme (Adult Degree Programme), or earn their master’s degree through limited residency graduate programme (Master of Arts Programme).


In addition to the main campus in Prescott, the College has a branch campus in Tucson. The Tucson Center serves students residing in Tucson and other southern Arizona communities. The Centre is a meeting place for students, faculty, and advisors and provides opportunities for students in similar study areas to meet and discuss their work.


Prescott College a number of scholarships like PC Scholarships/ Endowments, Institutional and Endowed Scholarships and many others are available to students in February.