Stunning Sarah Jane


She has a smile that’d light up a dark room, looks to kill and charm enough to break a thousand hearts. At just 22, gorgeous Sarah Jane is (arguably) the hottest VJ ever to hit the dance floors of Nepal. Host of shows like Very V, Bolly V, Pop Diaries and Agent Love on Channel [V], VJ Sarah is a diva of sorts to her beholden fans. “I grew up in Muscat and came to Mumbai for education. I then came across a contest in Channel [V] called ‘Channel [V] on the run’. I participated and got selected. After the show was over, Channel [V] asked me if I wanted to be a VJ and I was but naturally elated,” said Sarah. “I love my job. I am in no hurry and am going to be around.”

Sarah’s choice of music includes soul, jazz, R & B and Hip Hop but she isn’t too narrow with her likes. “Music is like my religion, my family, my friend and I sing it, dance to it, listen to it and write it,” she said. Other than devoting most of her time to her job and her music, Sarah claims that she is a completely outdoor person. “I love cars, bikes, playing scrabble and adventure sports. I also enjoy acting and performing onstage. Since I am still very young, I am still working on realising my strongest point and only then will I decide which road to follow in life,” said Sarah. If she had not been a VJ, Sarah would have probably been doing a job in public relations or the media. Her future plans include making her own music since she loves writing.

Her favourite artists include Alicia Keys, Louis Armstrong, Tupac, Aretha Franklin and also legendary rock artists Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. On her show this Friday night, Sarah said that she has never pre-planned her performances. “I am the personification of impromptu and I believe in doing things spontaneously. I will host the party and ensure that the people here have a blast.” To watch these stunning musicians at their best, put on your dancing shoes and hop to Hotel Yak and Yeti at 8 pm this Friday night. The event has been organised with the joint effort of Collage Entertainment and The Himalayan Times is the official media for the event which is sponsored by Blue Riband, alongwith Everest Beer and L & M. The tickets are priced at Rs 699 inclusive of a welcome drink.