Stupa Australia-bound


Popular band Stupa has been selected from the South Asian region to perform at the Palmer Street Jazz festival in Townsville, Australia. The band consisting of five members — Yuvraj Chettri (guitar), Bimal Gurung (guitar), Mariano Abello (saxophone), Sanjay Shrestha (drums) and Nirakar Yakthumba (bass) is leaving on July 30 to perform at the festival that will be held from August 10-12.

The band will also perform in another festival, Unity in Diversity at Townsville that will be held from August 17-19.

Apart from these concerts, the band will also be performing at Sydney for a fund raising programme by Gorkha Nepali Community for Hertsville football club.

The band will be playing their original numbers and also using many Nepali traditional instruments. The one-hour performance of the band during the jazz festival will be aired live on 40 radio stations of Australia. The Nepal Tourism Board is supporting the band for the tour.