Suniel’s tribute to Danny

MUMBAI: Actor-producer Suniel Shetty is all set to pay a tribute to his friend, philosopher and guide Danny Denzongpa by making a film for him. Danny is one man who initially taught him everything there’s to learn about good, positive, healthy living.

“I simply love and respect that man to death. He was my co-star in my very first film Balwaan. I owe my image of action star to him,” Suniel said.

“It was Danny sir who urged me to take him on in a climactic combat in the film... and the impact was deadly. Audiences immediately accepted me as a deadly action hero. They reasoned if I could beat Danny Denzongpa, I must be the real balwaan,” he added.

Since then Suniel has ceaselessly looked up to Danny for advice. “He has always been a source of inspiration, whether it’s in the way he keeps his house or he has brought up his children — Danny sir is an amazing man.”

And now Suniel is all set to repay Danny. “My company is planning a film that would do

justice to his awesome personality. It’s the least I can do. At his age he puts younger, supposedly fit men to shame.”