'Sunkesari', new Nepali horror movie releases today

KATHMANDU: Sunkesari, the much awaited Nepali horror movie, is in theatres from today.

Written and directed by Arpan Thapa, the movie stars Reecha Sharma as the main protagonist, who is also the producer of the movie. Lauren Lofberg, Sunny Dhakal, Rabindra Jha, among others, will be seen in other key roles.

Sunkesari tells the story of a 19th century Australian mansion which is converted into a boutique hotel, where supernatural presence starts to manifest itself.

The official trailer of the movie does create a hair-raising effect, no doubt. But the uncanny feeling that it builds up is not the only element that seems worth exploring in the movie.

The trailer also projects the filmmaker's efforts in trying to add new dimensions to Nepali cinema, primarily by working out a genre that is not very common, and additionally by creating a backdrop for the story, which looks to transport the audience to a different world, and possibly a different time.

Enjoy being scared!