Taking a needed break

If your are thinking about taking a break, these are probably some of the reasons why you decide to take some time out from studying. It’s not just about taking a break, but more about taking time to explore options, pick up extra skills, build experience and find your true direction — all things that are much easier to do when you are free to do as you please and captain of your own destiny.

Not right

There are many different courses available and often it can be very hard to decide which one is best for you. If you’re not enjoying the course you’ve chosen to study, or it isn’t meeting your expectations, it may be that it’s not the right course for you.

Health/personal reasons

If you’ve been unwell or personal circumstances are affecting your studies, you may want to take some time out. This might be a better option than struggling on and not being able to give 100 per cent.


Studying is a big financial commitment. If financial problems are affecting your studies you may need to consider some options for putting yourself in a better financial situation.

In need of change

If you are finding it hard to get motivated, this will begin to affect your course work and may mean missed deadlines or failed assessments/examinations. Sometimes trying something different may be the answer — it’s a chance for you to build up new skills and do new things.

Most importantly it will allow you to see what else is out there. When you do decide to return to study you’ll feel refreshed, more certain and ready for the challenge.

Advantages of taking a year off before

continuing studies

• Getting some work experience.

• Taking some time out to work can often be a good option. It can allow you to see what the ‘real world’ is like and give you financial independence. It may also allow you to think more carefully about your career options.

You could also consider doing part-time work while you study. This can be a good way to get a foot in the door in the industry or job that you’re interested in. You can also get some practical experience — or at least earn some extra money!

Getting extra skills

Continue with a subject of interest to gain more advanced/specialist knowledge.

Convert to a new area of work or add vocational skills.

Gain a professional qualification needed to enter a profession.

Gain practical skills like basic computer, writing or accounting skills according to what you plan to study.

If you plan to take a year off studies for any reason, then you should take time to think about it and plan thoroughly. You need to find answers to the following questions:

What will you do?

Do you want to just travel or work?

Why are you doing it?

Will it help you to get the job you want afterwards?

When’s the best time to return? — Agencies