Taking part in literary fest


On September 7, four students — Anwit Adhikari (quiz), Bidish Pudasaini (quiz), Shivani Kumari (creative writing), and Bishaka Karki (debate) — from Triyog High School left for a six-day trip to City Montessori School, Lucknow. The Mahanagar Branch of CMS had organised an International Literary Fest — Odyssey International 2007 (September 8-11) where various competitions were held in order to promote the English Language. The various competitions held were — Debate, Turn-coat, Quiz, All the World’s a Stage and Creative Writing. The students from Triyog gained a lot of experience and also got a chance to meet students from Pakistan and various parts of India. Bishaka Karki did Nepal and Triyog proud by coming second in the debate for the motion on ‘Career Orientation is the Objective of Modern Education.’