Talk to me: Infatuation’s not love

Lover girl

I love a girl who is my classmate. I was not interested in her initially but later started to like her a lot. I thought of proposing to her after Dasain, but when we came back from vacation she did not seem interested in me. In the meantime another guy proposed to her and she refused. Later I came to know she is interested in the other guy. I can’t get her off my mind. What to do? — The Great 

Dear Great One,

You need to get better and greater ideas than the ones you have right now! Why are you faffing around a girl who has not even included you in her sphere of interest and is hankering after someone else? The only way you can  improve your chances with this girl is by working on your friendship with her. Be diligent, creative and intelligent about your approach. Once she shows interest, you can propose to her...only you can decide if she is worth the effort.

Love lost

I am a 22-year-old girl studying BBA. A couple of years ago, a guy came in my life. We were good friends. We used to go to restaurants and for outings frequently. He proposed to me around four months ago and I refused. Since then, he has vanished. But I have started to miss him. I think I am in love with him. But I think my rejection disappointed him, yet I hope he loves me and is waiting for me. I can’t live without him. I love him desperately. How can I bring things back on track? — AA

Dear AA,

You had something really good in your hands which you  tossed away for reasons known only to you. However, you need to understand whether you are really missing this guy or whether you are missing the outings and the visits to the restaurants? Is your loneliness befuddling you? Would you be just as happy if another guy was giving you an equal amount of attention. Be clear about what you really want and if you are really in love with him. Rejection is painful for anyone but there is no guarantee that this man is pining for you. He may have even found someone else. The only way you can rediscover what he feels about you and set things right is by contacting him.