Tara gear up for top 10

Kathmandu: The next round of the Samsung Nepali Tara will pick 10 contenders from the 20 finalists. Four contestants will sing every week out of whom two would be selected for the next round. In this manner, it would take five weeks to select the top ten finalists.

In the initial round, contestants were made to sing without the accompaniment of music, followed by singing on the piano in the second round. In the third round, they performed to live music that was comparatively easier as the musicians would follow the singers even if they make a mistake. “But in the fourth round, contestants would be singing on the track so that even if there is a slight mistake, that would be spotted and they would have to improvise or make up on the spot,” says Ranjit Acharya, MD, Studio 4, said. Contestants will have to sing three songs, one folk, one pop and one contemporary song so that their skills could be tested in every genre. —HNS