TAsty bites: Flavours of momo


When we Nepalis talk about a quick dish to savour the first thing that comes to our mind is the piping hot plate of ‘Momo’. Eat it plain steamed, fry it crispy, have it Kothey style or just spice it up with hot and tangy gravy, momos always satisfy your hunger pangs filling your mouth with its delicious taste. And the winter season brings you more reasons to relish in this dish, lets get to know a few popular places where you can taste the best momos in town.

Savouring the flavour

If you are among those who like to have their dish not very spicy but with the rich flavour of meat then Tibetan style momos can be the perfect choice. Tibetan style pork and chicken momos at Jazz Up Stairs Restaurant at Lazimpat and New Dish Restaurant at New Road is the perfect place to head for. Up Stairs momos not only have the juiciest momos in the town but also have the hottest sauce to die for and at New Dish you can have a complementary bowl of soup to go along with the momos. They aren’t very spicy and are flavoured, with onion and ginger-garlic only to enhance the real taste of meat.

Spice it up

To tantalise the Nepali platter momos can be spiced up with typical Nepali spices. The roadside momos can be the perfect choice; available mostly as buff momos these are not only mouth-watering but also affordable. The momo stalls start mushrooming in the evening at all popular joints where the momos are prepared hot and served in leafy bowls with spicy sauces. If you are big fan of momos don’t miss Mechung at Boudha as they serve your choice of momos with soup. Another option for spicy momos which can get as hot as you want are the C-momos available at Diva’s Delight where the steamed momos are served with spicy hot gravy.

Something different

There are times when you want to try more than one variety of momo but obviously you can’t eat more than a plate. Here is a simple solution to your dilemma; you can always go for the Momo platter. Well known for its varieties of momos Belle Momos gives you a perfect opportunity to eat all different types of momos in its momo platter. Similarly, Jazzbell café too has its momo platter of different types of momos including the rare fish momo making it a healthy and delicious offer. And here is good news for all the vegetarians who are bored of same leafy veggies in all the veg momos available in restaurants around the town. Go for the cheesy Dalai Lama’s favourite momo at the Tè Restaurant at BlueBird Mall and Welcome Food Plaza. The momo is filled with mushroom, potato and generous amount of cheese to make it taste heavenly.