Tens of thousands sign for Prashant

New Delhi:

Support for Indian Idol contestant Prashant Tamang is not just limited to SMS message along. A signature campaign was launched all over India to choose him as the next Indian Idol. The campaign was started after Prashant, a boy of Nepali origin, was able to make to to the Top 10 of the popular reality TV show Indian Idol 3.

Gyanendra Aryal, a Nepali youth from Hetaunda, is helping Prashant in this campaign. “The campaign that was started in Darjeeling already has more than 150,000 signatories,” said Aryal.

Aryal, who has lived in Darjeeling for more than 10 years, being a friend and well-wisher of Prashant, embarked on the mission from Prashant’s home town. The Himalayan Daily published from Darjeeling provided Aryal with two posters, each 30 feet long with Prashant’s photograph, for this campaign.

Those who have signed on Prashant’s posters include high officials of West Bengal police based in Kolkata and Nepalis working in different parts of India. Prashant has also signed the poster which was also signed by other Indian Idol contestants.

“Looking at the enthusiasm of Nepalis in different parts of India to SMS vote for Prashant, it appears that he may be selected the next Indian Idol,” said Aryal.

Aryal, who left Darjeeling a month ago, to promote the campaign, received a strong backing from prominent personalities from the Nepali film industry like Narayan Puri and Sunil Thapa, who were in Mumbai.

“Both have taken strong initiatives in Mumbai in favour of Prashant,” he said.

At present Prashant is busy touring different places from Mumbai’s huge RK Studio to other cities seeking people’s support. Prashant has brought about a remarkable movement in emotionally bringing together the people of Darjeeling, Sikkim and Nepal.

Aryal expressed his appreciation for support the he received through SMS messages.