TGIF Nepal Fashion Week is back


While the rest of the Valley quivered as the temperature dipped on the cold day of January 25, the temperature at Embassy Restaurant, Panipokhari rose. Model audition of 'Blenders Pride - TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 16' is what made this happen. Young girls clad in body hugging attire flaunting their slim bodies, strutting in heels with different hair-dos definitely moved up the needle in the barometer. When they walked the catwalk in-front of a panel of judges — glamour, confidence and oomph overflowed at the venue.

The Capital’s extravagant fashion week is back and has geared up with sizzling models’ auditions. Many models participated in the audition showcasing their walk and vital stats. They were judged by a panel of judges, which included model-choreographer Sijan Bhattachan, Shailaja Adhikary, Managing Director of IEC School of Art and Fashion among others.

Young aspiring models gave their best shot to be a part of the Fashion Week.

Pooja Shrestha, 21-year-old was one of them. For her, “The Fashion Week is the top most fashion week of the country and everyone wants to be a part of it.” So she had to be present at the audition round.

Talking about her audition, she expressed, “It was great. I was comfortable and confident during the audition. That is because, it was not a new experience for me as I auditioned last year too.” She was chosen last year and is confident that she will be chosen this year as well.

There were many models trying to be a part of the Fashion Week to make an impressive profile. Among them was Rebecca Rizal, from the USA. “I did some runway modelling back in America and I thought it would be fun to try here. I was kind of curious,” she cited of her participation while standing in queue waiting for her turn.

Watching and judging all these girls was experienced Bhattachan. “I have loved this Fashion Week since its inception. It is a very good platform because you get trained and you are featured in so many things,” she shared.

At the audition, she saw that “urge to be a model” in the girls, but was disappointed in them as “they lacked preparation”.