The evaluator

At times, we students, tend to that examinations are a nuisance, as we have to read numerous volumes. We may even get irritated during exams and may give in to the feeling of hopelessness. But take a closer look and you will realise that examinations are more of an advantage more than a nuisance. This is so because they are the determinants of our capacity to absorb knowledge. They give us a vivid picture of how much we know and comprehend on subject matters and how well tuned our brain is.

The feeling that we get when we sit for our exams, well prepared and determined is just inexplicable. Do your exams on your own and never ever give in to the temptation of cheating. Cheating is similar to digging your own grave. Examinations are the basis evaluating a student. They bring to the front a student’s weakness in particular subjects. Examinations fuel the competitive spirit in students. So, we cannot say that exams are useless. Try understanding its importance and the place it holds in a student’s life. — Vipul Kabra, Galaxy Public School, Class X