The magic of friendship

FRIENDSHIP”. This word used to have no or little significance to me just a few years ago. No doubt, I had friends, lots of friends but none being very close and special to me. We

just used to talk, exchange smiles, share our lunch and hang out together. In fact, that was what I thought friends were for, to give you company, that’s all. The terms “True friendship”

and “true friends” made no sense to me at all, for me they were just a concept until I met a friend, she came into my life and changed my entire perspective of friendship.

She taught me the meaning of friends and the value of friendship. She made me realize that friendship is not merely about giving company to one another but it is that strong bond which we cherish throughout our lives. It is that powerful tool that can change our lives.

My friend for me is like a sweet flower whose fragrance touches my soul and keeps it refreshed. She is so very special to me, she has always stood by my side at all times, she has always been a strength for me to rise every time I fall. I can never forget every moment she’s spent comforting me when I have been depressed, laughing with me when I was happy and feeling proud for me for my success She is the one with whom I can share my joys and sorrows. She is the one who’s taught me the value of love, tolerance, what a sense of belonging is and what is sacrifice in friendship. Though our friendship didn’t start on a note of cooperation but I am surprised that the bond has become so strong that I can hardly spend a day without talking to her now. I don’t know of true friendships but ours is definitely a very sweet bond and it is through that bond that I have realised now that “friendship’ and “true friends’ have a meaning and true friendship can work wonders. — Sujeena Shakya, SLC, Little Angels’ School