The Messenger

In his first book written for a wide audience, Tariq Ramadan offers a biography of the Prophet Muhammad, highlighting the spiritual and ethical teachings of one of the most influential figures in human history. Underscoring the historical importance and meaning of Muhammad, The Messenger addresses the significance of the Prophet for some of today’s most controversial issues, such as the treatment of the poor, role of women, Islamic criminal punishments, war, racism, and relations with other religions.Selecting those facts and stories from which we can draw a profound and vivid spiritual picture, he asks how can the Prophet’s life remain — or become again — an example and an inspiration? And how can Muslims move from formalism — a fixation on ritual — toward a committed spiritual and social presence? In this engaging biography, Ramadan offers Muslims a new understanding of Muhammad’s life and he introduces non-Muslims not only to the story of the Prophet, but to the spiritual and ethical riches of Islam.