The monster

Anger is a strong feeling caused due to annoyance or aggressive behaviour by others. Human beings harbour emotions in them like love, care, happiness and a lot more. These inculcate a positive attitude in us. As it is said the “Nothing is Perfect” however we also have many negative feelings such as anger, greed, pride, jealousy too which pave way for a negative attitude and results in violence or mental disturbance.

One of those negative feelings is “anger”. In simple words, anger means to get furious due to having an irrelevant discussion with someone, it could be provoked due to misbehaviour from someone or by having a misunderstanding with someone. It is also one reason wh-ich causes fights amo-ngst people. A small misunderstanding between friends or people gives way to anger which could later transform into enmity.

We lose friends, relatives and family due to anger. So, if we are not able to control our anger, then we could be very lonely will be alone in this very big world. Anger is a negative feeling and it should be kept at control yet it can’t be discarded It is a part of our life from birth till death. So, the least thing we can do about it is to control it and for that we have to adopt a way of being more analysing about situations, broaden our thinking and, perhaps, be a little understanding, I guess, and hence keep the monster at bay.

— Prashish Rajbhandari, Grade: X, Paragon Public School