The Mysterious Stranger

We all met at Richard’s house for his daughter’s birthday party. We were talking about mysterious events that took place in our lives. All of us were trying to emphasize on our own stories.

On the other hand, I was just staring at those faces.

My eyes suddenly stopped on a little man. His white face and dazzling eyes attracted me towards him.

All of a sudden Richard came and introduced the little man to us all. His name was Allen McDonald.

Like me he was also watching each of us very attentively, but did not speak.

Then, Richard turned to him and asked if he had a bizarre experience to share with us.

He thought for a moment and said, “yes!” I was also interested in hearing him.

So, we begged him to begin. “A week ago” he said, “I was being followed by a stranger. I was frustrated so I thought of talking to him. One day, I waited for him to come. The stranger as usual came and whispered in my ears ‘Don’t go’. I was surprised. I laughed and went to my office.

There, I came to know that we were going to a world tour. I was overjoyed but I remembered the stranger’s words. Therefore I decided not to go. All of my colleagues were surprised at my decision. The next day when I was watching television I heard the news that the plane, which took my office staffs, had crashed and none had survived. I was extremely shocked.

How could the stranger know about the accident and why did he choose to tell me, I thought...”

We all were fascinated by his story. At last he said, “in this experience there is one mystery.” He walked to the door, opened it and said, ‘I saw this incident last night in my dream. Good night all!’

We all were made fool.