The power pack

The Powerpuff Girls were created by Craig McCracken as a project for his animation class at the California Institute for the Arts. McCracken’s original film was titled ‘Whoopass Stew’ and the girls were called ‘The Whoopass Girls’. (The name ‘Powerpuff Girls’ came later.) In the film, a character named Professor Utonium decided to create perfect little girls by combining sugar, spice and everything nice with a can of Whoopass. Thus, it was a can of Whoopass, and not Chemical X that led to the original creation of the Powerpuff Girls. McCracken then made another animated film, called ‘A Sticky Situation’, which featured the Amoeba Boys and The Whoopass Girls. The names of the Whoopass Girls were Bubbles, Blossum and Buttercup, the same names that are used today.

In order to make the series more appropriate for television, the name was changed to ‘The Powerpuff Girls’. In 1995, Cartoon Network premiered the Powerpuff Girls in ‘World Premiere Toons’. The first episodes were ‘Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins’ in 1995, and ‘Crime 101’ in 1996. The Powerpuff Girls were an instant success, which led to more episodes and finally to the creation of the ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ cartoon series in 1998. The first episodes of ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ were ‘Monkey See, Doggie Doo’ and ‘Mommy Fearest’. The Powerpuff Girls use their ultra-super powers to fight crime and the forces of evil. Blossum is the leader and runs the hotline phone. As a Powerpuff Girl, she has the powers of laser vision, super strength, ability to fly, ice breath and fire breath. Her element is “everything nice”, her colour is pink, and she is smart, loyal and dependable.

Bubbles is the sensitive Powerpuff Girl. Her role is to cheer up the Powerpuff Girls and to come up with alternate plans. She has the powers of laser vision, and super strength. She has the ability to fly, and speaks Squirrel and Spanish. Her element is “sugar”, her colour is blue, and she is bubbly, sweet, and cute. The last Powerpuff Girl Buttercup is the toughest one. She has the powers of laser vision, super strength, and the ability to fly. Her element is “spice”, her colour is green, and she is grouchy. All three Powerpuff Girls are four or five years old, and attend Pokey Oaks Kindergarten.

Powerpuffs save the day!

•1999 — ‘Bubblevicious / The Bare Facts’ nominated and won Outstanding Animated Program.

•2000 — ‘Beat Your Greens / Down ‘n Dirty’ nominated for Outstanding Animated Program

•2001 — ‘Moral Decay / Meet The Beat Alls’ nominated for Outstanding Animated Program

•2002 — Nominated for Best Teamwork Award on Cartoon

Networks First Ever 13th Annual Fancy Anvil Award Show (live in stereo)