Theatre’s call to vote


After performing in all the 75 districts, the closing of the play on Constituent Assembly elections was done at Patan on April 2. The play mainly focused on educating people about the importance of this historic election, when is the election scheduled, how to vote and why is it different from the others and why everyone should cast his/her vote. Done in a simple and effective manner with simple dialogues and songs, the play was performed to spread this very necessary message throughout the country.

The same play was performed by three different groups, namely Sarwanam, Aarohan and Kushum theatre, but in their own ways in different places throughout the country. According to Ashesh Malla, the play’s scriptwriter, “I think this is the first time such an endeavour has been made when different theatre groups have performed the same play. It is a very big achievement for theatre.”

Talking about their experiences in different regions of the country, Om Mani Sharma, theatre artiste from Sarwanam said, “After performing, we interacted with the crowd and found people got more clear about the elections. We also felt that parties have not reached remote areas till now.”

Talking about the play’s effectiveness Malla said, “It was appreciated in all the places we visited. I still feel that there are many places that we need to go to.” — HNS