Themes dreams of my generation

I thought my generation, the first of the 21st century, understood that life is 1 per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration. So I was perplexed when I found its three Ds: Desperation, Dependence and Dreams.

How highly educated we are! How civilised and modernized! But if we are not practical or rational, if we don’t follow our hearts, and are not firm in our determination, the tag “educated” will give a sense of purpose to so-called intellectuals. My generation had probably forgotten that apple seeds grow apples and not chestnuts. The output is the same as the input. Even knowing this, our hearts are closed to the process. Is this good? Does it show humanity? Certainly not! This is the disintegration of the spirit and mind of today’s youth.

Ironically, peace seems to be today’s buzzword. History is proof that violence is always an inalienable part of any society which continuous to prosper and peace is synonymous with a civilisation near extinction.

The pace and direction of youth scares off anyone who understand that the actions of the young will always prove fatal. We have become perfectly successful in discouraging the creative individual. If this continues, my generation will leave a large vacuum in the history of tomorrow, with no contribution to society.

Yes, my generation replete with cars and mobiles. Pervious generations were replete with professionals like Upendra Devkota, Britney Spears, and Pierce Brosnan. It also has peace seekers like Arundhati Roy and billionaire like Bill Gates. There are even social workers like Mother Teresa and Anuradha Koirala. I can see history questioning my generation; “What have you been doing?” Of course, we will reply that we have been seeking peace, like all rational people.

As for my part, I’m ready with my answer. I was dreaming of a Pajero in Cape Town. Alas! There seem to be nothing more for my generation to do.

Cheers! —Pinky Singh, Class X, Om Gyan Mandir

Secondary School