Things past


History may not be real ‘history’ if it only documents the deeds and exploits of those in power. History’s real meaning comes when it, instead, documents the life and dynamics of the common people.

Noted academician Prof Dr Baburam Pokharel’s autobiographical book Bhaye Gareka Kura (The things happened and done) might just contribute towards this, shared UML interim parliamentarian and litterateur Mod Nath Prasid at the release of the book on June 30 at the Russian Cultural Centre.

The programme was organised by JP Foundation, and chief guest senior litterateur Krishna CS Pradhan launched the 330-page book under the grace of National Poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire and other senior litterateurs and politicians.

According to Pokharel, the book is divided into two parts — the first deals with the works of his ancestors and relatives, while the second deals with his experience in the academic sphere.

“I have tried to portray my experience truthfully, so that I may contribute my bit for the benefit of the younger generations,” Pokharel added.

“The book’s record of the minutest to big issues of before 1950’s will be beneficial for the future generations,” Prasid opined.

However, chief guest Pradhan said that although the book is laudable, it needed work on the ‘novelistic’ qualities that enriches reading the experience of an autobiography.