Thornton’s shock therapy for Sarandon


Actor Billy Bob Thornton scared co-star Susan Sarandon on the sets of their

new movie Mr Woodcock when he pasted her photos all over his trailer.

Thornton plays Sarandon’s tough sports teacher fiancé. They were complete strangers on the film’s set and Thornton was desperate to break the ice between them so he got her pictures from the Internet and pasted them on his trailer, reports He said, “We didn’t know each other before this, so me and a couple of friends came up with a plan to get her attention. I put up pictures of Susan in my trailer from like when she was in her first movies all the way to the present day. They were all over the walls. Then I invited her in and never mentioned them and acted like everything was normal. I just wanted to make her nervous and make her think I was some kind of weird stalker of hers. It kind of worked.”

Sarandon added, “We were talking and all of a sudden I realise there are hundreds of pictures of me... things I hadn’t even seen. He got worried because at first I didn’t say anything, but then eventually I was like, ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’”