Three is a crowd

Upesh chhetri


Friendship is something that is precious in everybody’s life. It is golden in the sense that it’s a relationship that we create ourselves not by blood. I had good friends and we were a group. Our group was small — just two guys — my friend and me. We were loyal and trusted each other completely. We shared a lot of fun when we were together. That is until the day something came in between us or rather someone. The third figure — a girl, who disrupted the balance between us. That day I learnt that two is company and three is a crowd.

We thought our friendship was so strong that nothing in the world had the power to destroy it so badly. This is just to say that you can never know how drastically a relationship can change. One day I was chatting with a girl on the Net. I had never met her but we chatted quite frequently. We exchanged photographs and decided to meet that Saturday in Lazimpat. I was quite excited about it and I told my best friend. I told him that I had begun to like the girl already. We both eagerly waited for the weekend.

That day remains unforgettable in both our lives because that was the day when cracks appeared in our friendship. The girl was punctual and we had a good time. In a short period, all three of us had become good friends. That day, we decided that now there were three of us. And we thought as a trio, we are stronger than before. How were we to know that all was in vain?

Suddenly our lives changed, it seemed like happiness always. Meanwhile, I don’t know when, I fell in love with her. I had no courage to tell her how I felt. In the past, I had already suffered when having confessed my feelings for somebody and I had not forgotten. I decided that I should tell her my feelings anyway. When I proposed, she accepted. I was so lucky!

We were happy with our relationship, but one day, my friend came to me depressed. “Hey bro, what’s the matter?” asked I. At first he was not willing to tell me a thing, but later he shared, “I think I’m in love with her”.

I was devastated. It was the same girl who was my life, my love and my everything. I was shocked. “What love? You are in love? Don’t be silly,” I replied. In a melancholy voice, he said, “Please, I need your help. Please go and tell her how I feel.”

I was totally mystified and confused. This time, when I had two wonderful relationships, one relationship was coming between the other. What was I to do? Should I break my friendship or end my love life that had not really begun yet? How was I to tell my friend that the girl he loved was my girlfriend? That I loved her and she loved me too. I didn’t want to hurt my friend because we were more than friends — we were brothers. I don’t know how and why I stated, “Okay, I’ll talk to her”.

Though I had committed myself to telling her, I didn’t know how I would do that. Question questioned my mind — Am I being fair to myself? Was it fair to tell her? No, I decided. She was mine. My mind stopped thinking. Why dear God, why did you put me in this mess? Why was it me who had to suffer for things I had never done? Was this the result of true love? If it is so then why did you make me fall in love? I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow but circumstances tell me that the things are not going good. I was frightened about tomorrow, I was not sure which of the two relationships would suffer. One morning, I was still in bed when the telephone rang. “Hello?” It was my friend’s voice and he sounded annoyed. I felt like he wanted to fight with me. He said something and I could not believe my ears. I could not believe that my friend was telling me that. I could not believe that my best friend would tell me such things for a girl. I was stunned. I listened to all that he had to say to me in shock. I had never thought that we would severe our friendship for A GIRL!

I have decided that no relationship is foolproof and you can never say that life is long. I had not expected such a long strong friendship to end so briefly for a girl whom we had known for such a short time. I learnt that people don’t see relationships as they are but as they want to see them. That is why we have so much short-term relationships in our life.