What the books are about

Da Vinci Decoded...:

The book is generally strong but sometimes uneven, offering tidbits on Da Vinci’s resurgent popularity and much-touted sex life, quotations from a sampling of the world’s sacred texts and great religious thinkers, and even magazine-style self-assessment checklists and quizzes. It’s a spiritual self-help book that draws from sources ranging from the Dalai Lama and Hasidic rabbis to ‘Star Trek’ and the writings and paintings of Leonardo himself.

American Roulette…

American Roulette is a fascinating story not only for those who occasionally casino-gamble, but for everyone with a little larceny in their heart. Richard Marcus tells his never-before-heard story, of ripping off casinos. The book follows Marcus, along with several of the world’s great professional casino cheaters, as he travels from Las Vegas to London and Monte Carlo, pilfering large sums of money from casinos by performing sleight of hand magic tricks with gaming chips.

Overworld: The Life…:

Larry Kolb was born into a house of spies. Raised all over the world as the son of a high-ranking American spymaster, Kolb was taught by his father to think, look and listen like a spy. But when Kolb himself was recruited to join the CIA, he declined, choosing instead to pursue a career in business. He became, among other things, Muhammad Ali’s agent, a role that turned out to be a circuitous route back to the world of espionage. With friends like Ali, Kolb had invitations to the parties, palaces, boardrooms, and bedrooms — especially in the Middle East — of many of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people: political leaders, arms dealers, global opinion-makers

Blackfoot Is Missing:

What we do here is not for everyone. It’s real hard work, and once in a while we lose folks. Laos and Cambodia are the North Vietnamese Army’s backyard. It’s their home and they don’t like us snooping around. They got anti-aircraft guns, more trucks than you can count and whole companies just dedicated to hunting recon teams.