THT Talkies : Anil is Black and White’s saving grace

Black and White

Director: Subhash Ghai

Cast: Anil Kapoor, Shefali Shah, Anurag Sinha

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Bollywood has given many stories related to terrorism and as the promos promise this movie too is about the hard hitting issue of terrorism. Subhash Ghai, donning the director’s cap after a long break, has come up with a bold issue but weak screenplay and of boring length.

After boring people to death Yaadein and Krishna, Black and White too fails to reach the expectations we have from someone who has given so many hits and is known as ‘The Showman’. Though he has tried to change track from the regular run of the mill stories, Ghai seems to have lost track about the storyline and included unnecessary twists and angles to stretch the story way too long.

The story is about this guy Numair (Anurag Sinha) who is a terrorist assigned as a suicide bomber for the August 15 celebrations at the Red Fort. For his mission he comes to Chadani Chowk and introduces himself as a victim of the Gujrat communal riot. There he meets Urdu Professor Rajan Mathur (Anil Kapoor) and his activist wife (Shefali Shah). Introduced to whole new world of love and laughter, Numair slowly has a change of heart.

The movie is about perspectives of people to see all the situations.

Anil Kapoor as always proves his versatility as an actor — after his flamboyant act in Welcome, his subtle and substantial act will be highly praised for sure. As for Shefali Shah, she proves that no role is small for a good actor. She carries her character with great panache and is very refreshing. The new kid in the block Anurag Sinha looks convincing as a terrorist and does a good job being silent and cold, but one really wonders if he can do another role where he actually has to emote. The new girl Aditi, used as Sinha’s love interest, is nothing but a prop. The senior actor who has done tremendous job as an Urdu poet is excellent and heart touching.

Ghai has tried to bring a burning issue to light and has used the best actors, but somewhere the movie lacks lustre and pace and ends up being too boring. If it were a bit shorter, it would have kept the audience interested in the plot. Music by Sukhvinder Singh is fine and the song Jogi will remain in audience’s memory for a long time.

Watch it just for Anil Kapoor.