Movie: Happy Feet (Animation)

Cast: Robin Williams, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Elijah Wood, Brittany Murphy

Director: George Miller

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Being different in your clan is not easy, however, believing in yourself and your abilities can make a difference. This is what the central character of Happy Feet learns and makes the viewers understand.

At the very time of hatching, Mumble (Elijah Wood) shows that he is not like the other penguins as he comes out late and also his legs come out first, not his head. In the land of Emperor Penguins, singing is their second nature, they even meet their love by relating to the song in their heart. But Mumble cannot sing, instead he has another talent, and that is tap dancing. When the rest of his class sing melodious songs, he just cannot stop his feet from moving.

His father Memphis (Hugh Jackman) thinks that something is wrong with his son. However, his mother Norma Jean (Nicole Kidman), who is one of the best singers in the clan, is happy to know that Mumble has a unique talent.

This unique ability of his not only sets him apart from the rest of the clan, but also is the reason that he is left out most of the time. To make matters worse, his love interest Gloria (Britanny Murphy) is the best singer of his generation.

Staying alone often leads to different adventures for Mumble like having a narrow escape form being eaten by Stork and Leopard Seal. After one such incident, he meets five Latin penguins. They get impressed by his dancing and instantly become his true friends.

For Mumble getting accepted by his own clan is not easy. The elders accuse him for the famine that is making their survival difficult.

Determined to prove himself innocent, he sets on a journey to find the real cause for the depleting fish. His five Latino friends and Love Lace (Robin Williams), a self-proclaimed Guru of the Latin penguins, join Mumble in this adventure.

After going through various hardships Mumble finds out the real reason behind the Famine. At the climax his clan supports him, defying the elders’ orders.

John Powell has done a fantastic job as the music not only sets the mood of the scenes but also makes viewers relate to the emotions of the sequence. The combination of the songs and dances just makes one move their feet along with the penguins.

The underwater sequence after the graduation of Gloria’s batch is breathtaking. The whole sequence is enchanting in terms of graphics. The climax, when the whole clan dances with Mumble just overwhelms you with the feeling of togetherness that comes from stadning united for a cause.

At times, the films drags on a bit and for an animation, the duration of two-and-half-hours is a bit too long.

Robin Williams, who has given voice to two characters — Ramon and Lovelace — is at his best. Every time, Ramon a yuppie Latin Penguin, is on screen you cannot help but laugh. With witty dialogues like ‘Just a moment I hear people wanting something... ME!’, and the cool attitude the character just captures the viewers’ attention. The director has been able to create effects that are almost life like by using a variety of long shots and close shots.

The director has done a smart thing by incorporating the message about penguins being threatened due lack of food. With the help of animation he will be able to reach to both adults as well as children to let them know about such ecological problems of today.

Unlike other animations, it is not only cheerful and funny but also makes one think about the issue.