Venue: Club Galaxy, Hotel Everest

Time: 11:00 pm

Crowd: 350

Thunder struck Club Galaxy at 8 pm on Saturday night. Yes people, ‘Strike Thunder’ was truly a thundering party electrocuting all the party animals of the valley on August 27. The party was organised by ‘Q-Base’. This party certainly helped them make a noticeable entry into the world of entertainment. The Himalayan Times was the official media for the event. DJ Ankit and DJ Kranti were like as always at their best in terms of playing the best there could be in music. Around 400 people were swarming the premises of Galaxy. Breaking all bonds of sanity, every single being let his/her hair loose and grooved to the enthralling music till late after midnight. DJ Kranti started the initial musical journey followed by DJ Ankit, who took control of the console driving the crowd ballistic and have the most wonderful experience of their lifetimes with his selective music that ranged from commercial, funky house to R & B and Hip Hop. Kudos to the organisers for putting together such an amazing party and not forgetting the amazing DJs. The event was sponsored by KingFisher — King of good times.