Thurman’s stalker threatened suicide


Kill Bill star Uma Thurman’s mom pleaded with the man accused of stalking her daughter to talk to his parents after he threatened to take his own life on phone. reports that Uma’s mother Birgitte on April 29 recalled in court talking to Jack Jordan when he called up the family home saying he would kill himself if she did not pass on a message to Uma. He pleaded not guilty to stalking charges.

Jordan, a former mental patient, is accused of stalking Uma. He appeared at her front door repeatedly at odd hours, and left her a frightening letter. He is on trial in Manhattan’s state Supreme Court charged with stalking and harassment. He was arrested in October 2007. He faces up to a year in jail if convicted.

Uma’s father Robert said Jordan started writing to him in the winter of 2004-2005 and that the messages contained some scary language. In one of the letters Jordan wrote, “Today, the centre of my forehead is ticking. I feel in love with your daughter, Uma. Often lately, these thoughts include Uma and when I see her or hear her voice, I feel very much in love... I imagined us in a cave a long time ago.” He also spoke of suicide in one of his letters, writing: “There is a razor blade on my night stand and there are some moments when I am almost not too cowardly to use it.” — HNS