Time with family, friends

Holi is one of the greatest festivals of the Hindus. Young or old, boy or girl, all celebrate it. It is called the festival of water and different colours. Even tourists are interested in celebrating it.

I also celebrate Holi with my friends and relatives. I have been celebrating Holi since my childhood. I was very mischievous when I was small. I would try to hit people with plastics filled with muddy water, but would miss all my targets. I have stopped throwing muddy water, but that doesn’t mean I have stopped celebrating Holi.

I still celebrate Holi but in a proper way. I know it is frustrating when you get hit by water balloons and plastics, but we never think of it when we hit others. Sometimes it is so painful when you get hit by plastics. Most of the time I throw water only.

We should not hit water balloons or throw water on people who are walking on the streets as some of them may be going to work. It is better to celebrate Holi with our friends and relatives.

So, call your friends and your loved ones to your house and celebrate Holi happily.