Tipsy tunes

Yasmin Taj


When it comes to playing the most freaky, twisted and happening music, DJ Nasha is one name one cannot do without. Vouched for as one of the best DJs in India, this DJ has won accolades all over the world. Belonging to a family who have been into music all through, his father being into classical music, mother being a singer and brother being a drummer, music was an obvious passion for DJ Nasha. Having worked in a recording studio and having a band of his own, DJ Nasha actually started his foray into DJing in 1994 in Mumbai at Grand Canyon and since then never looked back. Ritesh D’Souza, better known as DJ Nasha, is the winner of DMC competitions (1999 and 2000) and went on to represent the country in the world DMC competitions- a contest that is about beat juggling and lyric cutting. His major claim to fame is the famous Flute Fantasy (the Hero theme) as well as his Jawan-e-janeman, from the album Romanov Party Mania. He prefers to call himself a “turntablist” creating rhythm with the vinyls- having done successful “jugalbandi” (jamming) dos with noted artistes such as the percussion guru Sivamani apart from doing the after party dos for UB 40, No Mercy and the Keanu Reeves band Dogstarr.

“Music has always been within me and I have grown up listening to Bob Marley, The Doors, Led Zeppelin and the likes of these,” he quotes. Turntabling was a self-taught talent for this humble DJ whose tunes have gone international and also into the ever-popular lounge album Buddha Bar VII. “I love experimenting and enjoy doing a fusion of classical and folk with progressive house and am hard-core into breakbeat,” he adds. He is the first ever Indian DJ to get his turntablism skills on stage with various classical maestros like Ranjit Barot, Pandit Dinesh, Sivamani, Taufique Qureshi, Niladri Kumar & Ronu Mazumdar, to name a few. Talent comes naturally to this DJ and doesn’t even need any practice before hand. “You need to just get the pulse and then experience comes in”, he says adding “ The genre of music people cater to has been changing ever since I started, earlier it was more of trance, then commercial and now progressive house and the sorts. Hence one needs to understand his audience.” On being asked about his expectations from Nepali crowd, he said that though he does not have much idea of what they prefer, he believes that hip hop and commercial music would be sure hits. “This is my first time in Nepal and I am enthralled to be in this beautiful country and hope that I can make the crowd rock like never before,” he says.

Having travelled the world over and having spun out lovely sound at some of the most happening parties the world over, London, Goa and Bangalore are DJ Nasha’s favourite spots to perform. He has made no particular club his residency and wants to continue producing quality music. “I have a studio in my house and I make music almost everyday. From the most freaky, weird, twisted mixed with classical and funk to commercial bollywood style, music is what I am all about,” he chuckles. Nasha is also the proud owner of a DJ academy,

“DJ Nasha’s Workstation”, which is one of its kind in India, imparting knowledge to various budding DJ’s from all over the country. So get ready for the best of DJs — DJ Nasha from Mumbai and our very own popular DJ, DJ Ankit with the best of music and ambience, to rock you all through the night this New Year’s Eve, April 13 at Hotel Everest organised by Collage Pvt. Ltd. And believe me, guys, this is the best deal you can ever have this New Year since you will be getting unlimited drinks and food and can get a chance to live the Caribbean dream since that’s the theme of the party. The party begins at 8 and tickets are priced at Rs.999. Be there or miss a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!