Too loud U2

LNDON: U2’s world tour was brought to a standstill in Ireland on July 28 by protesters angry about noise from their shows in Dublin — putting their next concert in Sweden in jeopardy.

The band may now miss their next performance in Gothenburg, Sweden, after angry residents blockaded a convoy of equipment leaving Croke Park Stadium, in Dublin. The protesters had been angry about how loud the Irish band’s three homecoming concerts at the stadium were, and were provoked into action when crew started dismantling the stage set in the middle of the night. A blockade was set up at the main exit of the arena from 1:00am on July 28 to stop any lorries from leaving.

By the time protesters agreed to allow the vehicles access, the lorries carrying stage, audio and video equipment had all missed their ferry crossing to Sweden which could cause setbacks to the next scheduled show on July 31.

U2’s tour manager Jake Berry said, “It affects the tour schedule. Read that any way you want. We should be on a boat.” “It’s really put a damp squib on something which was a fantastic experience and a fantastic show.” U2 played to around 240,000 people at their three shows in Croke Park on July 24, 25 and 27.