Traditional methods


A school in India is returning to tradition by trying to revive the ancient gurukul system — The Kanchi Kamakoti Shank-aracharya Ved Evam Vedic Sanskar Shiksha Kendra. It was set up five years ago on a sprawling area in Indira Nagar under the aegis of Shank-aracharya Jayendra Saraswati. The first batch of its shishyas (disciples) will pass out and don the mantle of Vedic teachers. The rules are strict here. They have no source of entertainment. Life is confined to studying and performing Vedic rituals. Students are not allowed to meet friends or relatives. Their day begins early with yoga, followed by lessons in ancient Hindu scriptures and rituals.

Their goal is to produce culturally educated, intellectually enlightened and physically sound youngsters equipped to carry out Vedic rituals with perfection.