Treat for every palate


The Five Star hotel in Pokhara, Fulbari Resort and Spa is also preparing to make its presence at the Annapurna Post International Food Festival 2008 that will begin from January 25. Krishna Murari Sharma the Restaurant Manager of the hotel said that their stall would offer over a dozen Arabian delicacies. According to the Chef Leela Nath Dahal, Arabian delicacies are neither too oily nor too spicy so people who prefer healthy food can go for it.

Similarly, Hotel Shangri-la Village Resort at Pokhara is also participating in the festival to give the visitors a taste of Thai cuisines. Chef Ramesh Pakhrin said, “Thai cuisine may be new in taste for the Nepalis but it would certainly suit their palate.” “Thai cuisines are known for their hot and spicy flavour,” General Manager of the hotel Bijay Subba added.

Family Restaurant will present Nepalis delicacies at the International Food Festival. Owner of the restaurant Bhim Thapa said his restaurant’s participation is meant for giving the visitors Nepali taste amidst different international cuisines. “The visitors should not be deprived of Nepali cuisines at the event,” he added. He informed that his stall will serve Selroti, Curry,

Pickles, Sandheko Alu, MoMo, Kodo ko Raksi, Roasted meat (Chhoyala), Sandheko Bandel. “Even the popular Nepali delicacy Sandheko Gundruk will be placed at the event,” Thapa said.