Triple H plus one

They are, as they claim, “a running club with a drinking problem”. Every week on Saturday, Himalayan Hash House Harriers (HHHH), established in 1979, gather near the week’s hiking site for a session of running, or, for some, walking. “On an average,

we number 20-50 each time, both Nepali and expatriates,” informs Stephen Keeling, member, Hash inner-circle.

A ‘Hare’ sets a trail in the morning littering papers and in the afternoon others follow the trail. After the journey for the day is over, a ceremony follows led by the ‘Grand Master’ of the anyone’s-invited group, David Potter.

Keeling shares, “While every regular Saturday we run around the Valley, on every 50th run we spend the weekend away. On our 1,500th run on August 11, 2007, we went to Bandipur.”

Hash House Harriers (HHH) group started in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Among other HHHs, HHHH is known for its more adventurous and strenuous runs, shares Keeling.

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