Trump slams Jolie for treating father ‘like a dog’

NEW YORK: The reality TV show mogul Donald Trump has slammed Angelina Jolie for neglecting her father and treating him “like a dog”.

According to, Trump is also angry with Jolie for not allowing her father Jon Voight to see his grandchildren. The actress is currently in India for the shooting of the film A Mighty Heart, based on American journalist Daniel Pearl who was killed in Pakistan four years ago. He says: “I know her father. He is a nice guy. I think she treats him like a dog but maybe they have some kind of a thing. I mean this poor sap, he comes along and he practically begs her, ‘I want to see my grandson (Maddox). I want to see this.’ I mean, if I were with him, I’d say, ‘Forget it. It’s over.’” He adds: “She just treats him terribly. She’s been with so many guys she makes me look like a baby. And I just don’t even find her attractive. That has nothing to do with why I said it, though. I’m not a fan of hers as you probably noticed.”