Tuning in to dohoris


After the bands battling it out and the DJs vying to be among the top 10, the fifth afternoon of the Kathmandu Mall Mahotsav was meant for the dohoris.

And though the temperature on May 30 reached sweltering degrees, the afternoon jingled on a pleasant note. A huge crowd shimmied an ode to the kind of music that has taken a backseat in the recent years.

The dohori artistes took to the stage and captured the crowd’s attention and heart with numbers like Hawa Chalyo, Sasurali ma and Makuri Jalaima. The crowd swelled and many even did impromptu dance steps along to the beats and tune of the dohori numbers.

Organised by Sound Garden and managed by AbiR, the Kathmandu Mall Mahotsav is a weeklong event that began on May 27.