Kathmandu: Asif Shah, works as a VJ in Nepal 1. He has been Vjing for the past two and a half years. Asif says, “I wanted to be an F&B manager one day. I completed my Higher Secondary Education from Asirbad College, a hotel management college. And Vjing happened all of a sudden.” He completed his studies till Bachelors in Business Studies from Public Youth.

So, how is Asif off the camera? In one word — happy-go-lucky! And the man describes himself as “optimistic, simple and romantic.” He says, “I love rain! I am happy most of the time and sometimes even for nothing. I hardly get mad at others.” By the way he is Scorpio!

He enjoys Vjing and in his free time naps away. If you like him and want to meet him then you might see him at various concerts handling the events with as much flair as he does his video programmes. There is a high chance that you might cross each other’s path but hold on! When you do meet him…talk casual. Don’t ask him to play some song on his programme because that turns him off. He informs, “When someone tries to mix my personal life with my professional life that irritates me a lot even though I don’t have this habit of complaining.”

The other thing that get on his nerves are technical problems when he is doing a programme and if he takes too many ‘takes’ while doing a shot. Till date, according to Asif, the best compliment he has received is for the programme ‘Sangai Sangai’ — talk show with artistes on their life, he shares is, “Viewers as well as some media persons appreciated my concept of the show. I was happy with the response I was getting.”

Asif says that he is not fashion conscious. “First of all I am not brand conscious. The only thing that I consider when I buy clothes is colour, comfort and material. If that fits the bill than I am all set to pay the price.” He likes listening to music; almost every kind but his personal favourite is Jagjit Singh. Besides being a successful Vj, Asif is a programme producer and an upcoming music video director. He made his music video directorial debut with Mahasatwa Bajracharya’s “Ko Ho Mero”. He has also directed Kamal Man Singh’s “Kati Tadpey Ma” from his second solo album ‘Looks’. The other project on line would be Sugam Pokharel’s and Sanoop Poudel’s songs. — Dipti Sherchan