Tom Cruise was the target of a prank while greeting fans at the European premiere of his new film ‘War of the Worlds’, and Leonardo DiCaprio needed a dozen stitches to close a cut after a woman allegedly hit him with a beer bottle outside a party. Cruise was greeting fans and reporters gathered outside a theater when he was doused in the face with water from a fake microphone. Maintaining his composure, Cruise wiped the water away and began lecturing the reporter, calling the prank “incredibly rude” and the reporter “a jerk”. When the now-ashen reporter tried to walk away, Cruise grasped his hand so could hear the rest of the lecture, which included Cruise calling him a jerk a couple of more times. The reporter and his crew were then arrested by nearby police. Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio needed twelve stitches to close a cut on his face near the ear after a scuffle with a woman outside a party. The woman allegedly hit DiCaprio in the head with a beer bottle. A spokesman for DiCaprio says the injury will not delay his current work on ‘The Departed’, being directed by Martin Scorsese. According to witnesses another guest shouted out: “My God, she has slashed open his face.” Friends drove Leonardo who was in shock as blood streamed from his head, out of the Hollywood Hills to the nearby Cedars-Sinai hospital.