Two years of Yala Maya Classic


On May 15, the lawns of Yala Maya Kendra was filled with people enjoying the cool breeze and soothing music to mark the second anniversary of ‘Yala Maya Classic’.

Yala Maya Classic is a music series that is organised by Yala Maya Kendra on the second day of every Nepali month. According to the organisers, the musical event is their bid to preserve and promote classical music. The programme usually includes performances by students of music as well as the maestros of Nepal.

The second anniversary celebration kicked off with Jal Tarang by Sangeet Praveen Mohan Prasad Joshi who was supported by Milesh Tandukar on Tabla. Their Kirwani Raag was able to set the mood of the evening for all the music enthusiasts who were looking forward for a lovely musical evening.

This was followed by a group flute presentation by the member of Bansuri Kala Samaj Kendra Nepal. They were joined by Pandit Homnath Upadhyaya on Tabla.

The chirping of birds in the trees brought a whole new atmosphere as it worked as an added harmony to the soulful tune of their Harsha Dhwani. The audience was completely engrossed in the music as few were seen tapping their fingers and nodding their heads along with the music.

The last act of the evening was by Sitar Maestro Uma Thapa and Homnath Upadhyaya. They enthralling performance of Puriya Kalyan which all the fans of classical music present there loved was the perfect finishing touch for the evening.

A special token of appreciation were also given to people who have been supporting this event by the chief guest of the evening, Indira Shrestha, President of Kala Nidhi Indira Sangeet Maha Vidyalaya. — HNS