Udita hates on-screen kissing

MUMBAI: She shot a sensational kiss scene in her debut film Paap and in her latest Aksar also sheos seen smooching Emraan wildly, but Udita Goswami never likes to kiss on screen.

In a recent interview she said, “I hate to kiss on screen. I did it in Paap, Zeher and Aksar, but if I have to kiss one more time on screen, I won’t be able to take it. I come from a small town and we were brought up believing that if we kissed a guy, we should end up marrying him.”

“During Paap, I didn’t know how to make a love scene look passionate. Pooja Bhatt actually made me hug John for five minute before shooting. In Aksar, I had made it clear I would not do any kissing scenes, but during the filming, certain pressure crept in and I had to agree. Thankfully, I had wor-ked with Emraan earlier, otherwise I would have started crying on the sets.”