Usha ready for Bollywood, but on her terms

Kathmandu: Since ‘Muna Madan’ was nominated for an Oscar, things have never been the same. The industry is buzzing with appreciation for the team involved and actress Usha Paudel is going places according to the grapevine. Usha made her debut in Kollywood with ‘Karma’ with actors Shiva Shrestha and Ram Krishna Bajgai. In the same year ‘Muna Madan’ was released in which she was cast opposite Deepak Tripathi. Now rumour has it that Usha is all set to step into Bollywood and make her debut in producer and director Rajesh Soni’s ‘Girlfriend’. When this scribe cornered Usha for a conformation she replied with a very straight face: “Whether I am going to do the movie or not is still not confirmed. When I read such news in the newspapers it took me by surprise. To tell you the honest truth I don’t even know the name of the director.”

Well that’s straight from the horse’s mouth. “Yes I did meet Rajesh Soni two weeks back when I was shooting in Norling Resort for the serial ‘Kaslai Afno Bhanu’. He told me that he has a new film on hand and wanted me to take the lead role. He also clicked some pictures of me. But besides that nothing has been discussed. I never thought that I would be selected.” So as it now stands, Usha is still waiting for developments in this regard.

Is she keeping her fingers crossed and holding her breath? “Definitely not! Even if I get the lead role but don’t like my character I will drop the whole idea. Besides that if I am asked to expose then there is no way I am going to say yes. Anyway, Rajesh Soni is coming back in two to three days and then we will talk it all over.” — Dipti Sherchan