Venue: Public High School, Dharan

Time: Saturday Afternoon

Crowd: 2500


Touted as perhaps the biggest concert to have taken place in the eastern region, Wave Tour 2005 in Dharan brought together some of the best musical artists on August 6. With bands such as Robin and the New Revolution, 1974 AD, The Uglyz and other singers like Prashna Shakya, Nirnaya da’ NSK and Prakash Poudel, it was an event even the people of Kathmandu would envy. It was truly an event that will be written down in Dharan’s concert history.

The concert was organised on the occasion of 11th anniversary of Wave Magazine. “We wanted to give people outside Kathmandu the opportunity to listen to their favorite music artists perform live,” said Kashish Das Shrestha, editor of Wave magazine. The concert, which swept the people of Dharan off their feet, was more than just an entertainment programme — it brought together music artists of various genres. “We have never had so many artists share the stage at one concert, “said Binod Shrestha, an audience. “This is something that Dharan will remember for many years to come,” said Prakash Poudel, singer who is basically from Dharan. “It has been an exhilarating experience performing with so many great artists. And to know that there are people in the capital who make the effort to reach out is very encouraging for everybody here, including the artists,” he added.

Shikhar Lights sponsored the programme. All the hit songs were performed by the artists some of them being ‘Aundai Jadai, Maya by The Uglyz, ‘Ghhas Katne and Aoo pat by Prakash Poudel, ‘Aawaj Deu’ by Prashna Shakya, ‘Nepali Ho’, Guransai Phulyo and ‘others by 1974 AD. Robin Tamang from Robin and the New Revolution spoke about his earlier days in Dharan.

Thousands of youngsters turned up at the venue and still more were scrambling for tickets. The tickets sold like hotcakes!