Many of you relish the French fries served at many of the trendy eateries around town. If you love pottering around your kitchen, then here’s an easy-to-fry French fries recipe.


• 6 large potatoes, cut into strips (about 1/3 to 1/2-inch thic ness and width)

• Oil for deep frying

• Salt


• Soak potatoes in ice cold water for one hour at room temperature. Drain well; pat dry with paper towels thoroughly to keep oil from splattering.

• Heat oil in a deep frier or kadhai.

• Fry the potato strips in a single layer for about six to eight minutes, or until tender but not brown. Keep flame on medium.

• Remove and drain on paper towels.

• Put the flame on high and fry the par-fried potatoes in batches a second time till golden and crispy for about two to four minutes.

• Drain on fresh paper towels.

• Salt the French fries while they are still hot.

Serve immediately with a dip of your choice.