Weekend delight


A series of two marvellous parties hit the nation this weekend at Club Galaxy. ‘Ibiza Blast’ and ‘War of the DJs’ were two parties that rocked the partygoers of Kathmandu and gave them the best there could be in terms of music, entertainment and style.

Ibiza Blast

Venue: Club Galaxy

Time: 11:00 pm

Crowd: 450

The party animals of Nepal had an enchanting Caribbean fiesta on Friday night with DJ Lloyd all the way from Kolkata. The ambience, the music and the crowd, everything was just picture perfect for a Caribbean night. And yes folks we are talking about

the party ‘Ibiza Blast’ at Club Galaxy on September 2, 2005. The club was decorated aptly in a Caribbean manoeuvre with flowers and coconuts.

DJ Lloyd cast a spell on the crowd with his amazing collection of music. DJ Ankit on the other hand mesmerised the crowd with his house music and attracted quite a lot of female attention from amongst the crowd. All in all, a wonderful party.

War of the DJs

Venue: Club Galaxy

Time: 10:30pm

Crowd: 250

There was a chill in the air. It was the nip of exciting emanating from those gathered on the floor. Seven DJs from around the city had lined up to manifest the best of their skills at spinning. It was but of course ‘War of the DJs’ at Club Galaxy and the people on the floor had no clue about as to how these DJs would give them the most amazing experience of their lifetimes. It was a tough task for the judges to decide the king of all DJs. DJ B-Man was declared the winner of the ‘War of the DJs’ followed by DJ Kranti as first runner-up and DJ Zion as second runner-up. DJ P*Yell grabbed the fourth position followed by DJ B-Cash, DJ Tamu and DJ Maddox in the fifth, sixth and seventh positions respectively. All in all, the contest was held in all fairness and all the DJs were truly heroes for participating in the contest since it sincerely does require a lot of talent and confidence to do so. The winners took home attractive prizes from the sponsors which were McDowell’s, Kingfisher and Marlboro. The party continued with DJ Lloyd and DJ Ankit on the console and of course the crowd that did not want to go back home.