WEEKEND LOUNGE: Out with friends

She was crowned Miss Nepal in the year 2002 and for Malvika Subba there has been no looking back since. A popular VJ, Malvika’s loves to spend her weekends with her family and friends

I definitely give priority to family and friends during the weekend. I am busy throughout the week, so weekend is the time when I let my hair down.

Friday night mostly is about parties and clubbing with friends. I usually go to the Maroon Lounge with my best friend Ava, and cousins Rubina and Zarina.

If we are not in the mood for partying, then we go for a nice and quiet dinner.

I am more of a salad and iced-tea person, so I prefer Roadhouse and Café Galleria as they serve the best salad in the town. Dechling at Thamel is also one of my favourite restaurants.

On Saturday mornings, I wake up late, laze around and spend time with my family, have home cooked delicious lunch, and go for shoot in the evening.

If I had enough time during weekends, I would like to go away from the maddening crowd of Kathmandu to somewhere quiet.

Though Pokhara is my all time favourite destination, now I am ready for some refreshing change.