Weekend lounge : Travelling with music

Shyam Nepali, member of Sukarma band, is well known for keeping the traditional Nepali music alive through the tunes he plays on his sarangi. And his weekends too are coloured with musical strains.

My band members — Pramod upadhaya and Dr Dhurbesh Chandra Regmi — spend time practising at Dhumbarai, and we perform live at Le Meridien Gokarna Forest Golf Resort and Spa every Friday evening. So Fridays are usually spent playing music, but Saturdays are meant for my family. I make sure I spend quality time with my wife Pramila and sons Prince and Prizol. I usually don’t get much free time due to the gigs, and so any time that I am free, I spend playing with them or indulging with ice cream.

I believe that music breaks all boundaries, so I travel a lot sharing music with musicians of different countries. I recently went to Switzerland and Norway, and I also stayed for some time in Italy. Culturally I like Italy a lot; it’s so much similar to Nepal in many ways. People there are very fond of folk music and welcome our music with open heart and there I don’t feel like a stranger.

More than movies, I am fond of music. I like Nepali cuisine and whenever I go out to eat, I prefer Thakali food. I love Italian dishes like pizzas and pastas. By the way, I cook delicious pastas that I learnt in Italy during my stay.

The most memorable weekend for me was at Nagarkot once when many musicians and artists had come together to share their art. It was a wonderful experience.