Weisz ‘very happy’ with life

Actress Rachel Weisz is thankful to be married to Spectre star Daniel Craig and has “no complaints” about life.

Weisz said she has a wonderful family and she is at a great place in her life, reported Female First. When asked what it’s like living with Craig, she said, “Let’s just say I’ve got no complaints. Life is good and I’m very, very happy. I have a wonderful family and my career seems to be going well, touch wood. “I’m quite superstitious though, so I don’t want to say too many things about it in case I jinx it.”

Weisz also thinks her husband, best known for playing James Bond, is a “brilliant” actor. When quizzed on life with James Bond, she replied, “I don’t live with James Bond, I live with an actor called Daniel Craig, who is such a brilliant actor that he has convinced everyone else that that is who he is.” Adding, “I don’t know James Bond personally and as far as I understand, he doesn’t really get married, does he?”